2. Potato and Okra Spicy Salad
  3. Piri Piri Lamb Curry
  5. Dates and nuts ladoos (Indian sweet balls)
  6. Achari Fish Cake
  7. Peppery Yellow Peas and Kidney Beans
  8. Easy and delicious chicken tikka recipe step by step
  9. Easy and appetizing couscous with spicy prawns
  10. Scotch egg / dimmer o mansor kofta recipes
  11. Kale ,mint and coriander green rice/ sabuj bhat
  12. Healthy /tasty/immune boosting/ shape up smoothie recipe
  13. Salmon fish with poppy seeds/coconut/mustard paste / sorshe mach
  14. Tortilla wrap with scrambles eggs/ kolkata style egg roll
  15. Easy spicy turkey stew
  16. Spicy steamed prawns with coconut and mustard paste/ chingri vhappa
  17. Egg noodles with vegetables
  18. Spicy cod fry/fish fry
  19. Eagg less semolina and cardamom muffin
  20. Simple egg curry without ginger/garlic and onion
  21. Bengali Fish Bhuna(Sea Beam fish)/easy steps
  22. Semolina and pistachios cookies
  23. Simple spicy steamed fish
  24. Delicious mixed beans sprout salad

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