Easy and appetizing couscous with spicy prawns / lunch box recipe

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couscous with spicy prawns

Couscous is spreading fast in western world. Couscous is North African dish made of durum wheat. Like semolina is also made of durum wheat. Reason behind couscous spreading fast all over the world is, it’s easy cooking process. It takes 5minutes to absorb hot water and ready to eat. So why not take the advantage of this delicious ,protein based easy to cook product in our busy world. One cup of couscous adds 6g of protein to your day.

Couscous may ” prevent certain cancers, increase heart health, prevent bacterial and viral infections, promote normal metabolism throughout the body’s systems, controls fluid levels in the body, improve digestion, help weight loss efforts, heal wounds, build muscles, and boosting the immune system“.

I am using fresh prawns , you can use frozen or ready to use prawns. Try to use fresh prawn cause fresh prawns has got so much of flavours and colour. It took me 10 minutes to cook. Preparation time is 10 minutes if you have everything at home, and I got three days lunch box ready to go with me.

For 2 to 3 serving you will need:


One small bowl or one cup of couscous

Water one and half cup

Prawns :10 to 10 to 12

Green peas frozen or fresh half cup

Salad onions

Vegetable stock (optional)

Cumin powder one table spoon

Turmeric powder one table spoon

Mustard seeds half table spoon

One whole Kashmir red chilli

Salt to your taste

Thee table spoons of veg or olive oil


If you have raw prawns, mix them with half table spoon cumin, half table spoon of turmeric powder ,splash of lemon juice,black pepper and salt.

Shallow frying prawns
Shallow frying prawns

Shallow fry marinated prawns into two table spoons of oil. Saute them for few minutes in medium heat. Then take them out and set aside.

In the same pan add one spoon extra oil ,when oil is hot enough add hand crushed red chilli and mustard seeds, let them crackle .Then add green peas rest of cumin powder ,turmeric powder and salt. Saute one minute then add water.


When water is boiling add prawns and couscous ,stir them well and turn off the gas.

Add couscous and prawns after getting water to boiling point
Add couscous and prawns after getting water to boiling point

Wait for 5 minutes then mix some chopped green onion and squeeze lemon juice ,done .Ready to go.

After 5 minutes
After 5 minutes


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  1. so simple yet delicious !!

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