Easy and Delicious Chicken Tikka Masala step by step

Home style chicken tikka masala
Home style chicken tikka masala

Chicken tikka masala is one of the popular Indian dish in UK. Small pieces of spicy roasted chicken cooked in spicy creamy sauce. Gravy should be mild to hot, but not too spicy. According to many people this dish was made for British soldiers in India. This recipe becomes more delightful when it’s cooked at home. This is my first chicken dish in my blog. I am very excited to share this recipe with the world. Normally chicken tikka masala is cooked with boneless chicken and roasted inside the tandoori oven. Many people in India do not use electric oven or tandoori oven. In my recipe I will show how to give the chicken that burn look without using oven or tandoori in easy way. Also I have cooked chicken with bone for more juicy and tasty result. I find no taste in chicken breasts.

This recipe is easy to cook ,also it has mouth-watering lovely taste. To get the best result ,after cooking the chicken tikka masala consume it after 24 hours, you will even get more flavours of the dish.


1 kg chicken for 4 to 5 people

7 spoons of yogurt

Two large onion

4 table spoons of ginger and garlic paste

one large tomato

2 table spoon of coriander powder

1 table spoon of cumin powder

1 table spoon of turmeric

2 and half table spoons of garam masala powder(homemade)

3 table spoons of lemon juice

sun-dried tomato puree or any tomato puree 2 table spoons

Coriander leafs

10 to 15 cashews soaked into half cup of milk for 1 hour and grind them

Green paper

Ghee 1 table spoon/clarified butter

Oil 4 table spoon


Fenugreek powder /kasuri methi (optional)

To marinate the chicken:

Marinate the chicken with 4 table spoons of yogurt ,lemon juice 3 table spoons, 2 table spoons of mustard oil, 2 table spoons paprika , 2 table spoons garam masala. Marinate for 30 minutes outside the fridge.

Making the paste in the grinder:

Grind tomato, tomato puree, coriander powder, cumin powder, turmeric powder.

photo 4

Roast the chicken in the oven grill or roast them in a light bottom pan or woke without adding any oil in the pan. Keep them aside after roasting.

cooked half of the marinated chicken in the pan
cooked half of the marinated chicken in the pan
cooked half of the marinated chicken in the oven
cooked half of the marinated chicken in the oven

Put 1 table spoon ghee / clarified butter and 4 table spoons oil in the pan. Add ginger and garlic paste. After getting the brown effect add onions .

photo 5

Fry onions until brown. Then add the paste which we have had made earlier, with 3 table spoons of yogurt and left over yogurt marination . I have also added juice of the oven cooked chicken.Stir them well. Cover the pan for 10 minutes in median heat. Stir them occasionally.

Then add chopped coriander leafs and green chillies.

photo 4

Again cook them for 5 to 7 minutes more or until you see the little holes all around the gravy and oil is coming out .

Time to include chicken, stir them well ,add one and half cup waters. Make sure all chicken pieces are covered with water.Cover the lid ,cook them for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes add the cashew nuts and milk paste.

photo 5
put cashew nuts and milk paste

Now you can put chopped green paper, sprinkle half tea-spoon garam masala with dry kasuri methi powder.If you want add one spoon of ghee/ clarified butter  at the end.

I have enjoyed this delicious , mouthwatering chicken tikka with home made naan, rice and some vegitables.

homemade chicken tikka with home made yeast free nann


If you pan fry the marinated chicken pieces ,more water will come out when you are cooking them at the end, so adjust the water according to that.

After pan fry you get very dark burn mark in your frying pan,so to ger rid of that,when still the pan is hot add washing up liquid and baking soda,wait for 10 minutes and with the help of scrubber clean them.



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  1. Nice recipe..loved the little tips 🙂


  2. dfolstad58 says:

    I love the pictures, but not as much as eating delicious Indian cooking.

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