Salmon fish with coconut,mustard and poppy seeds paste/Sorshe,Posto,Narkel mach

Salmon sorshe.narkel,posto
Salmon sorshe,narkel, O posto

Many people say that Salmon tests like Hilsha fish (Bengali fish),but to me it has very unique test which I had never tested before I came to UK.I don’t remember the day I first tested the Salmon fish, how was the preparation like. I was expecting it to be like Hilsha,but I was very disappointed. Gradually I started cooking Salmon in many ways including with sorshe(Mustard sauce) and posto (Poppy Seeds).It  is a very easy recipe.Now it has become one of my family favourite recipe. Salmon fish is widely cooked in UK. People in UK love baked Salmon during their festive time . Smoked Salmon with cream cheese and lemon is another popular preparation in here. This  fish has got high label of vitamin D , protein, Omega-3-fatty acids and other health benefits. Recently I have started eating Salmon in salads, in soups, with rice, in sandwiches and in every  way possible, because I am vitamin D deficient. Today I cooked Salmon with mustard,poppy seeds and coconut paste. This nutty and spicy combinations are extremely popular in Kolkata. Yes! we love the combinations of mustard, poppy seeds and coconut.

Salmon live most of their lives in the river, and spend their adult lives in the sea then go to the river to spawn, after that normally return to their own birthplace to die. They use some kind of smell sign to recognise their home. After knowing salmon’s life cycle, didn’t fell like to eat this wonderful sensible species, but after all I am a Bengali, can’t live without eating fish.


Salmon fish fillets: 650 gram or 6 fish fillets

Coconut : One hand full

Salmon sorshe ingredients
Salmon sorshe ingredients

Mustard powder: 3 big table spoon( Colman’s mustard powder is good option)

Poppy seeds : 4 table spoon

Nigella seeds/kalo jeera/kalonji : 1 table spoon

Onion: One large finely chopped

Ginger paste: One table spoon

Jalapeno chillies: 3 to 4 or use regular green chillies

Red chilli powder: One table spoon

Turmeric powder: 1 table spoon

Oil : 4 table spoon mustard oil or any other oil

Salt: As per your taste

Sugar: 1 table spoon

Making the paste:

Shallow fry the coconut in frying pan with the help of little oil. Grind ginger, poppy seeds, coconut, chilli, with little water. You can soak the poppy-seeds into water for 2 hours just to grind them quicker.After that add turmeric powder,mustard powder and salt, mix them well.


I have fried the fish. You can skip this process

photo 4

Heat oil in the pan, put nigella seeds with one sliced green jalapeno, let them crackle a bit ,then add chopped onion.

photo 5

Fry until onion become golden brown.

Add the paste into the onion now.

photo 3

Now add red chilli powder and sugar.

Fry them in  medium heat for 10 minutes. Add water, around one and half glass (followed by the fish If you did not fry the fish earlier, add them now).If you want more gravy add more water,otherwise add less.

photo 5

After 10 minutes add the fried fish and some more green chillies, cook them for 6 to 7 minutes.

photo 1Ready to go.I served the fish with Bengali special  ghee bhat (fried rice),aloo bhaja (fried potato),and begun bhaja (fried aubergine).

Salmon sorshe.narkel,posto
Salmon sorshe.narkel,posto

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    Mouth watering…….


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