Scotch Eggs with Lamb mince meat (Dim,mansor kofta )


Scotch Eggs with Lamb mince meat (Manso diye egg kofta  )

Scotch eggs are one of my favorite picnic food in UK.When I first tasted scotch egg it reminded me the childhood vegetable kofta with half portion of  egg inside it and of-course made by my Mum.Scotch egg is traditionally made with pork meat, mustard sauce , some herbs and quail eggs.In my recipe, I am using lamb mince meat,chicken eggs and my choice of spices with herbs.Instade of lamb meat we can use chicken or goat meat or even fish.


ingredients for scotch eggs
ingredients for scotch eggs
  1. Eggs : 5 boiled eggs for stuffing and 2 raw eggs .
  2. Lamb or goat mince meat (fat less): 500g.
  3. Onion : one medium size / two if small in size.
  4. Garlic cloves: 4 to 5.
  5. Garlic powder: 1 table-spoon (optional).
  6. Ginger powder: 1 big table-spoon or 2 table-spoon ginger paste.
  7. Turmeric powder: 1 tea-spoon (optional)
  8. Whole spices: 1 table-spoon cumin, half table-spoon coriander seeds, 3 to 4 cloves, cardamom 2 to 3, mixed whole peppers, nutmeg.
  9.  Herbs: Dil (Saluka in Bengali, Soyo in Hindi),coriander leaves, dry lemon leaves.
  10. Red chili powder or paprika.
  11. Breadcrumb
  12. Flour
  13. Vegetable oil.


  • Shallow fry onion and garlic.
  • Dry rosted spices and grind them into powder.
  • Mix everything in a bowl.Mix mince meat , fried onion and garlic, rosted spice powder that we have made earlier, ginger powder, add all the herbs,chili powder,one raw egg.If the mixture is bit runny, you can add half a cup of breadcrumb.
  • Keep the mixture in the fridge for 30 minutes just to settle it down.
  • Damp your hand,spread the meat mixture in your damp palm,spread until become round and size should be like your palm size or little bigger, depending on the size of boiled eggs.
  • It is very important to coat the egg with dry flour.Just dust the eggs with dry flour just to  stop slipping them when you are trying to cover the egg with meat. Now put  boiled egg inside the meat bed,cover the egg with the meat mixture.
  • Now dust some flour around the meat balls,then dip into beaten egg (add pinch of salt in the egg),then cover them with breadcrumb. Repeat this process one more time to get crusty surface.
  • At this point keep the meat balls inside the fridge for 30 minutes. We can freeze those as well  at this point.Use it whenever you need.You can freeze them for maximum 3 months.
  • Heat the oil.When the oil is sizzling hot  slide the meat balls in ,now reduce the heat to medium heat,fry them until become deep brown.

Served delicious Scotch eggs with spicy mango chutney.

photo 3


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  1. wonderful !!…..will make this one for sure…i am sure my daughter will love it 🙂


    1. payeljit says:

      Thank you! Pls do try this one!hope your daughter likes it.

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  2. Steve says:

    This looks good…..

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    1. payel says:

      Thank you Steve!

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  3. Uff!! mukhe jol eshe gelo.Banate hobey.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. payel says:

      Tai!!Sune bhalo laglo ! Pls try koro…bhalo lagbe! 😃

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