Egg Noodles with vegitables

I still remember whenever I used to suffer from fever,all my taste buds used to betray me.I will have no taste at all on my mouth.That time my Mum used to cook this delicious mouth-watering  noodle dish,which definitely would change my taste buds.It would always bring my smile back and will remind me how my Mum used to care for me.

Mum always used the plain flour noodles which is easily available in Kolkata.After boiling those noodles they stay farm and don’t go mushy.Here in London I don’t get that particular noodle,therefore I am using egg noodles,which gives me same texture after boiling them.

vegetables you need:

One carrot,

3 to 4 Mushrooms,

Green peas one hand full,

Green pepper half,

One clove of Garlic,

1 table spoon lemon juice,

1 table spoon coriander leaves.

1 tabel spoon chopped onion.

1 Green chilli for garnishing.

Noodles: 2 cups boiled.

Bhaji masala powder or chat masala with crushed red chili flakes

li Method:

when pan is enough hot add one table spoon of veg oil.Put garlic first in the oil.After that add all the vegetables we have except carrots.Beacuse I have shredded the carrots very finely,It will hardly take 1 minute to cook.At this time I have adder 1 tea spoon of bhaji masala and salt to taste.(if you don’t have this spice use chat masala with one crushed red chili).If you like put a pinch of sugar.After 5 minutes add carrots and cook another 1 minute,next mix them with the noodles.Serve the noodles with chopped coriander,chopped green chili and  lemon juice.

This type of noodle is perfect for you lunch box.After cooking keep them into an air tight container and keep inside the fridge.It will remain same for next 4 days.Enjoy it on your own time.


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